How to Ace Your CompTIA Exams

applicants examNothing helps your career search in the uber-competitive information sector than having internationally recognized certifications. Acing your A+ certification exams broaden your horizons in the fastest growing job sector in the world. The certification aims at testing your understanding of cutting-edge computers and software.

As a computer technician, you will need to resolve a myriad of problems with devices, ranging from computers to smartphones. Since these tests cover a broad range of topics, it is helpful to keep a PDF copy of A+ 901 902 when preparing to take the exams. Here are some study tips to let you bring you’re A-game:

Build a Computer or Network

When preparing for CompTIA A+ or Network+ exams, it’s vital that you don’t skip this step. The A+ exam covers hardware, while the 902 review is all about software. Daunting as it might sound, building a computer from scratch is a great way to learn. You get to put the theory into practice, which deepens your understanding of the concepts.

You get to put muscle memory into practice as you take part in this time-intensive learning process. Never again will the myriad of acronyms in the sector baffle you as you go about your learning process. To build a desktop, you will need to select a case and motherboard, select different hardware, set up an OS, and run through BIOS. By the end of it all, you’ll be more knowledgeable and confident when taking the exam, which lets you make the top grade.

Build a Test Lab

Don’t let the idea of building a test lab throw you off your game. The lab in this is only a computer capable of running the OS covered by the exam modules you wish to take. Thus, you will need a desktop, a monitor, and networking components.

recruiter congratulating applicantWith your setup in place, you can tinker with it as you familiarize yourself with all the components of your exam module. More than just setting it up, you need to practice using your lab to the point that you have them at your fingertips. A test lab lets the concepts solidify in your mind, making them easy to recall when taking the exam.

Avoid Cheating

It’s only natural for nervous test takers to look for an easy way out. A quick search on the Internet can reveal lots of helpful materials, some of them being brain dumps. When someone successfully takes such an exam, they often post both the questions and the answers on the Internet.

Don’t be tempted to use such resources as they can be misleading. While the information might let you pass the exam, you won’t be doing yourself any favor. You’ll have a hard time putting the information to good use as the learning process is shallow and unhelpful in retaining the information.

Acing your CompTIA A+ exams sets the stage for a successful career in the lucrative IT sector. You can branch off to computer networking, cybersecurity, or any other field that holds your interest. However, you must have an effective strategy to help you pass these rigorous tests.