How to Find the Right Venue for Your Meeting

When choosing a place for a meeting or conference, the budget is not the sole factor to consider. Your choice of venue can make or break your business undertaking, so it pays to find the best place. While there are many venues to choose from in cities and business districts, keep in mind that not all meeting venues are created equal. To help you find the right one, here are some tips and reminders:

Consider the location

Location is one of the critical considerations when finding a place for an upcoming meeting or conference. Find a conveniently accessible venue, where you and your attendees can quickly come to. Find one that is located near transportation lines. Think about parking availability as well.

Know the facilities

An excellent meeting venue should be equipped with the facilities you would need for your corporate event. Other than the main meeting room, there should also be meeting equipment and technical support. Meeting essentials include projectors, electronic whiteboards, printer, and photocopying machines, laptops or PCs, and an Internet connection.

Consider the needs of your guests as well: accommodation, food and refreshments, and leisure facilities. For instance, there are Seattle meeting venues conveniently located right next to a hotel, restaurants, and fitness centers.

Provide enough space

Young team having a meetingMake sure that the venue can provide plenty of room for your attendees. Ask the venue manager about the seating capacity to ensure that you get a suitable place for the affair. Make sure that the meeting rooms can provide a comfortable experience and that there is enough space for the attendees to move around as they participate in the activities.

There should also be a good view of the speaker, meaning there shouldn’t be any obstruction or distraction while the conference is going on. Check if there are smaller rooms for breaks, too. A relaxing outdoor area can also be of great help during break-out sessions.

Know the costs

You will need to know if the venue falls within your budget for this corporate undertaking. This is why you need to have a clear understanding of the rates, including 24-hour per delegate and add-on facility rates. Ask questions about possible discounts, extra costs, payment modes, as well as their cancellation policies. Try to negotiate when necessary.

Visit the venue

A site visit will let you know more about your prospective venue. Check if the place is clean and well-equipped. Learn about their meeting rooms and conference facilities to see if they meet your requirements for the event. See if the staff are friendly, warm, and welcoming. Ask about the car park and the catering service. When possible, take time to discuss with the chef your food requirements for the meeting. Let them know if there are guests with special dietary needs and preferences.

Keep these things in mind so that you can find the best venue for your meeting or conference. As a last piece of advice, plan your event and book the place as early as possible to avoid conflict.