How to Plan a Successful Employee Onboarding Program

HR onboarding an employeeSo you have worked diligently to get your business up and running, and now all the fruits of your labor are paying off. Your profits are growing, and your business is taking off. The thing is, you can’t just seem to retain some of your employees.

But did you know that according to research, a well-planned onboarding program could help increase employee retention by up to 50% and productivity by up to 54%?

With that said, there’s no doubt that employee onboarding is tough and it would take careful planning to ensure that it works for your new hires, and ultimately, your business. Here are some tips to get your planning started.

Know that training is different from onboarding

Basically, training is just one component of the entire onboarding process. Simply telling a new hire what software or device to use, where to park, or how to use the photocopy machine won’t really do anything to make them feel comfortable with their new job and coworkers.

You need employees from different levels to participate in the onboarding process. This will ensure that new employees will receive tips from different types of employees and meet colleagues that they wouldn’t have otherwise.

Make it as easy as possible for new employees

Prior to their arrival, get the most basic things out of the way so they won’t waste any time on trivial tasks once they arrive. Make sure to send them all paperwork they need to submit to HR and stock their workspace with essential office supplies, work manuals, and so on. Doing these prep work ahead of time would make their lives somewhat easier as they get used to their new work environment.

Encourage socializing

Employees giving each other high fivesSocial activities such as company parties or outings, even group lunches or drinks after work will help new employees feel more connected and comfortable with everyone. New hires will be more comfortable to get advice and help from coworkers if they’re to each other.

Continue working together

A vital component of any onboarding program is continuing to build rapport with new employees following their preliminary training. Consider taking the time to discuss their personal and job-related goals and how these relate to the core values of the company. And they work with them to help achieve their goals so that they’ll see how your company really values their talents and efforts.

Keep in mind that onboarding is a continuous process

When you extend the onboarding process, it will help build on and reinforce all the initial work and training done with new hires. Although they technically won’t be training, working with them after the training process will reinforce the impression that they’re valued members of your company.

When you take ample time to plan and create an employee onboarding strategy, you also help your business and employees grow and become better over time. While an effective onboarding plan will require ample preparation, all will be worth it.

Put simply, investing sufficient time and effort into forging relationships with new employees will save you time and money in the end due to increased employee retention rates.