Important Facts About Wisdom Teeth Removal

Tooth Extraction in Salt Lake City In undergoing wisdom teeth removal surgery, you need anesthesia shots before starting. The extraction procedure can take more than 20 minutes, depending on the case. Not to mention the recovery period can take up to 10 days. The area around the wisdom tooth does not even hurt in some cases. Why do people even need to go through the extraction? Here are a few things you need to know about wisdom teeth removal surgery.

Efforts of prevention

Some people argue that the extraction is not necessary because there is no pain around that area. Even if the wisdom teeth do not give any pain signals, there can still be something wrong. There are cases where the teeth that cannot erupt from the jaw into the mouth due to the impacted teeth. A small mouth that lacks space for the teeth to grow sometimes causes this. This also results in teeth developing in irregularly that can damage the tooth next to it if pressed against it. As you get older, your bones around the mouth get denser. As a result, your teeth become harder to extract. Dentists often extract healthy molars at an early age in order to prevent future complications. By waiting, you put yourself at risk of post surgery problems like numbness, tooth fractures, intense bleeding, and even a slight loss of jaw movement. Some of these problems can last your whole life.

When you need an extraction

Wisdom teeth extractions in Salt Lake City can be tricky. Some people need them and other lucky people do not. However, once they start causing damage to your other teeth, extraction is inevitable.
Other reasons for extraction include:

  • Jaw damage – If ignored, cysts may develop in the teeth, which can make your jaw hollow and cause nerve damage.
  • Cavities – Gaps between teeth can develop from swollen gums that can cause cavity formation and growth of bacteria.
  • Inflamed Gums – Tissue in the mouth can swell up making them difficult to clean.
  •  Alignment – an impacted wisdom tooth can unravel dental work like braces and partial dentures.

If by any chance you have any of these problems, have your dentist check up on you regularly in case you may need to have your wisdom teeth extracted.