In the Business of Fitness Coaching, Credibility is King

Fitness CoachingYou can’t bargain with credibility. When people feel you’re just putting on a show and don’t really have what it takes to guide them, your days as a fitness coach could be over. Whether you’re aware of it or not, developing a good reputation is a huge boost in your professional branding.

Fitness Industry on Steroids

There may never be a better time to dip your finger in the fitness industry than today. Buoyed perhaps by all the flak thrown Australia’s way on the rise of the nation’s obesity levels, Aussies seem hell-bent on getting fit and fab. As a result, the fitness industry is growing by leaps and bounds.

According to a recent Suncorp Bank Cost of Being Fit Report, Australian households are spending $2,340 on getting fit annually. Such expenses include gym memberships, various sports equipment and so-called fitness trends that take the country by storm every now and then. On the average, Aussies are shelling out $75 on a monthly basis.

In total, over $8.5 billion is spent each year on fitness, an amount poised to grow even bigger experts detail.

Earning Your Stripes

FitnessU shares that a certificate IV in fitness could earn you coaching rights to become a certified personal trainer in the industry.

While anybody can give unsolicited advice, the national qualification lets you coach clients on your own – developing exercise programs and undertaking fitness audits. By accomplishing the certification, you’re equipped to impart needed fitness knowledge one on one, expanding your fitness market as you go along.

Also, the fitness qualification teaches you business smarts, how best to market yourself and widen your business network. What’s more, you’d be able to provide guidance to any age group, from young children to a senior citizen.

Truly, becoming certified is one giant in cutting a substantial slice off the thriving fitness market.