It’s Never Too Late

Woman with braces holding an apple

As people age, dreams become a part of the past and before they know it, decisions have been made to never try anything new. Whilst learning new skills and enjoying life can keep people young, so too can finally fixing those wonky teeth that have been getting in the way of loving an aging appearance. The idea of wearing braces in later life can be off-putting, however thanks to advances in dentistry clear braces in Harley street are now available.

Clear braces in Harley street are available through dentists such as Harley Street Dental Clinic. They will offer a range of clear brace options that can straighten teeth without compromising appearance.

13-80+, braces are made for everyone

Braces are often associated with adolescence and not with later years. Having the option to have clear braces in teenage years is important, ensuring those blushes are just because the latest crush has walked by and not because teens are embarrassed to smile. However, as people grow older, it is even more important to look after teeth. Misaligned and crooked teeth can harbour bacteria that lead to decay and gum disease. Once teeth are aligned, they are not only easier to clean, they also remain healthier as they are less open to attack. Receiving braces at any stage of life brings positive results from clear braces in Harley Street

When braces can and can’t work miracles

There are some restrictions to what can be treated with braces. Unfortunately, if jawbone correction is needed, the boat may well have sailed on this. Only when bones are pliable and moveable can jaws be fully reset, so this may not be able to be corrected. However, it’s surprising to note that braces can support other dental treatments, creating the conditions for success.

In the case of dental implants, surrounding teeth need to be in good health, sometimes in better alignment. It’s possible that clear braces are an option in sorting out the teeth around the gaps, allowing for successful implantation.

It’s clear with invisible braces, there is no reason to resist getting teeth realigned and resolving other dental issues that are affected by wonky teeth.