What Makes CMMS a Winner for Fleet Management

CMMSYour truck company is growing. You started with five, now you have a fleet of 15. After a couple of years of hard work, you finally own the local market—and soon, the entire state. You plan to expand, but do you have the right resources to manage it?

Fleet management is a daunting task. Paper documents or Excel spreadsheets used to work for you, but, since you’re growing, you need a more advanced tool that would take your operational efficiency to the next level. That solution is now here: the Computerised Maintenance Management System, or CMMS.

What makes it so special for fleet managers? Australia’s authority in asset management, Mainpac.com.au, shares three reasons:

1. Automation

The biggest advantage of a CMMS system is having the ability to plan everything ahead. Gone are the days that you have to manually set and remember when to conduct inspections and repairs. This platform makes scheduling preventive maintenance a breeze and helps reduce your overall operating cost.

This eliminates paperwork. Your personnel can instantly view and access key word order information through any computer or mobile device.

2. Simplicity

CMMS is the bailiwick of maintenance professionals. It sets maintenance, processing work orders and providing other asset management solutions.

Unlike integrated enterprise level software, which are often complicated because it covers the needs of different departments, CMMS is intuitive. Its features are relatively easy to master, as it focuses just on the upkeep function of your facilities and vehicles.

3. Compliance

Because you have to deal with random inspections and periodic audits by regulatory agencies, all of your assets should be properly maintained to meet the national standards. As your manager can easily view generation reports about your machines, an automated system helps you prepare for every audit.

No trucking company have succeeded without embracing advanced technology. Invest in the apt program for your business and overcome the increasing challenges you’d face as you grow.