Marketing Strategy: The Top 3 Factors

Marketing Plan IllustrationNo matter what your business is or where it is located—New York, Melbourne, or Cairo—one thing is common. For your business to grow, you need a good PR agency that’ll help you create an effective marketing strategy. You need to invest and focus your efforts on building a strong marketing foundation.

Your Product or Service

When creating a marketing strategy, the first thing you would need to do is to define your product or service. This means differentiating your product or service from similar ones in the market. What makes yours unique? Why should people choose your business? This will help you create the brand you want for your business and define the image you want people to identify your brand with.

Your Target Market

While everyone is a potential client, you need to identify your ideal client. This will help provide focus for your marketing plans. As a business, it makes no sense to market to everyone. It’s a waste of both finances and efforts. Think of which group your company would likely sell most to and focus your efforts on marketing towards them. This should be in line with the brand and image you are trying to create for your product or service. Make sure that the branding you create is in line with what your target market wants.

Your Competition

It’s always a good idea to know who your competitors are. Look at businesses offering similar product or services as you. Take an objective eye and look at how they market their business to people. Notice the strengths and weaknesses of their marketing and try to see how you can use such information for your plans. Focus your plan on highlighting your edge over the competition.

In short, why should people choose you over others? You need to clearly set your business apart from the competition by defining what it is that you’re trying to bring to the table.