Mexican Food: Why is it Such a Popular Option?

Nachos on a plate

It isn’t much of a surprise that Mexican food is so popular in the United States. Mexican franchises are becoming more lucrative and the appeal of the cuisine is only continuing to grow.

But why has it been so appealing to different people and different palates?

Full of Flavor

Mexican dishes are full of flavor. With most dishes, regardless of whether it contains a main of chicken, beef, or vegetables, a lot of flavors and spices are applied. They’re as far away as bland as they can be.

Dishes usually come with all kinds of savory sauces. For instance, mole is a sauce full of chilies and onions. Mole negro is created with cocoa, while mole Amarillo with almonds and raisins. Salsa is essentially a combination of cilantro, chilies, tomatoes, and onions. Guacamole contains a mixture of onions, chili peppers, and of course, avocado.

These sauces add flavor to and complement Mexican dishes that are already so full of taste.

Healthy Option

Mexican cuisine is also popular for the healthiness of its ingredients. This is perfect for Americans looking for a balanced and nutritious diet. Most dishes also include items from the different food groups of protein, vegetables, and grains. For instance, a typical dish consists of protein sources like beans and savory meats, as well as vegetables like avocados, peppers, and limes. This well-balanced meal provides a healthy dose of vitamins, minerals, and protein. A single meal is essentially already a complete meal. Diners can grab a burrito with guacamole, beef, cilantro, refried beans, and tortilla bread and already full and satisfied with their meal.

Additionally, dishes contain fresh ingredients. They are taken from a farm instead from a can. The fruits are prepared simply and without added preservatives to maintain their natural and nutritional value.

Range of Choices

Most Mexican restaurants and joints provide a lot of options to suit the individual preferences of customers. Common dishes include burritos, enchiladas, fajitas, tacos, and tamales. With all these menu choices, diners are also likely to return and try something new each time.

Mexican cuisine is appealing for those who enjoy spicy food. A lot of dishes have chilies and peppers, and this provides a hot spicy taste to a particular meal. It can fulfill someone’s cravings for spices and seasoning.


Diners are likely to find Mexican joints affordable. They can get their money’s worth so diners are more open to ordering more and trying out the different options. Its affordability means diners may be interested in this cuisine when getting a party or event catered.

Mexican dishes are usually presented in small servings. For instance, with appetizers like tacos and enchiladas, diners are still able to try multiple dishes and enjoy an even more varied meal.

Cultural Heritage

Tacos in a box

The food is also a kind of emblem of the Mexican heritage. Decades ago, Mexican immigrants who came to the United States brought their food traditions with them. The food has since become more intertwined with American cuisine and preferences. It’s becoming popular across the different cultural groups in the country, with many choosing to use Mexican food and ingredients even when at home.