Millennials Are Not a Lazy Bunch

Millennials posing for a jump shotThere’s a misconception that millennials are a lazy bunch. In truth, they work hard at offices that they’ve been labeled ‘work martyrs’. Also, one in six millennials have $100,000 in their bank accounts. Other millennials work hard in their backyards, gardening. According to the latest National Gardening Survey, the gardening industry has grown because of millennials.

It’s not surprising to see why Generation Y people are flexing their green thumbs. Gardening perfectly fits their lifestyle preferences.

Promoting Better Nutrition

Millennials are way more health-conscious than their parents. One of the reasons for this is that health information has grown more accessible as they grow up. They’re exposed more to diet messages in social media, and they can easily google symptoms of diseases. As a result, they are picky eaters, wanting healthy, organic meals. Gardening allows them to grow food and put better, nutritious meals on the table.

Growing Spaces says that some older millennials who have families already install DIY greenhouse kits in their backyards to grow vegetables all year round and promote healthy eating among younger people. Others opt for vertical gardens indoors or on their balconies.

Saving Mother Earth

Generation Y people are ‘earth warriors’. They care about the environment. They choose green brands and organic products and prioritize energy-efficiency at home. Millennials have seen older generations’ neglect of the environment, which might have caused climate change and man-made calamities today. Millennials are more conscious of how their actions impact the environment.

Gardening helps reduce pollution as plants take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen. When millennials grow food in their backyards, they cut down carbon footprints. This reduces the need to use the car when going to the supermarket for food.

Millennials, this ‘lazy bunch’, are getting busy with gardening, promoting healthy lifestyles in their family, and caring for the environment. Would you join this trending, noble cause and join the millennial movement?