Oh No: What Buyer’s Commonly Regret After Buying a Home

a houseWhile many home-buyers experience joy and excitement after receiving the keys to their newly purchased house, there are also those who regret their decision. Even if the property looks okay, some still have buyer’s remorse in certain aspects of their purchase or the process of choosing it. This is why you should be aware of the common causes of remorse, so you can avoid them when you buy a house.

Mortgage or Lender Problems

Some of those who don’t have an issue with their home regret their choice of loan or lender. This is common in many first-time home-buyers who didn’t do some research or compare various mortgage offers. Some felt pressured into a loan that is not right for them, while others wound up with the rate that was significantly higher than other lenders.

This only makes it important to educate yourself about the process, learn the difference between fixed rate mortgage and adjustable-rate mortgage and deal with a reputable lender. You should also make sure that you understand the loan terms before signing on the dotted line.

Not Happy with the Neighborhood

It is always easy to fall in love with how a certain property looks, but then fail to consider the quality of life on where it is located. Before you buy a home, be sure to get a feel of the neighborhood by walking around it and talking to new neighbors if possible.

You should also know the crime rate in the area, the important amenities, and the shops within the walking distance. You should know how far the nearest bus stop is, especially if you don’t know a car, too. Be sure to get a sense of the traffic or daily commute by visiting the neighborhood (or traveling both ways) during rush hour.

Not Financially Prepared

Many buyers rush into homeownership, but they wish that they had been more financially secure before taking the plunge. This is why before buying and moving into a new home, make sure that you are prepared for all the expenses. Do take note some costs may seem manageable initially, but be sure to consider the whole financial picture and think about how homeownership will affect your current financial situation.

It is normal for the infatuation in your new home to fade faster than you expect. If you are considering buying a home or in the process of buying, don’t underestimate the importance of being an educated buyer. Be sure to assess your finances, decide on what really matters in a house, and know more about your loan options.