Passion and Profession: Becoming a Teacher

A teacher in Queensland

People often have fond memories of their childhood and this would often include their favourite teacher. Whether you want to admit it or not, there would always be at least a single teacher that has influenced your life and helped you be where you are now. So now that you are an adult yourself, why not pursue your dream of being a teacher?

Why become a teacher?

Teachers are given high regard in Australia as the profession is both challenging but equally rewarding. Use the skills that you acquired while you were still studying and put it in action for you to enjoy and for your future students to learn from.

Requirements to become a teacher

Individuals should be registered with the Queensland College of Teachers. Having a teacher registration is needed for entry and practice of the profession.

In order to become a teacher, one is expected to have finished a 4-year undergraduate degree, preferably a Bachelor of Education. In some cases, a Graduate Diploma in Education would also suffice. Once accepted, teachers are encouraged to enhance their knowledge in the field by enrolling in certificate courses, notes an expert from RAM Training Services. Institutions in Cairns offer Training and Assessment Courses until Certificate 4.

The Queensland Government’s Department of Education and Training released a complete guideline to help aspiring teachers apply to the profession and know more about the career.

Responsibilities of a teacher

Teachers play a key role in providing knowledge and education to students on a daily basis. Aside from ensuring quality education, teachers are also responsible for creating a healthy school environment for students to learn. Teachers should be able to work with both the colleagues as well as the parents and guardians to make sure that each child gets the quality of education he deserves.

Overall, teaching as a profession requires just having the knowledge. The passion for teaching and improving your students’ lives is also a part of it.