Pin it to Win it: Things You’re Doing Wrong with Pinterest

Most business owners know they should be interacting with customers on social media, but aside from setting up a Facebook page, your plans on how and where to focus your efforts are probably unclear.

Pinterest is now the fastest-growing online content sharing platform, beating out Facebook and Twitter. But many companies still haven’t capitalized on this growing social media channel. Your digital marketing services will work better if you take advantage of it now. To help you out, here are some reasons your company might not be doing a good job at using Pinterest.

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Not Using the “Pin It” Button

Feature the “Pin This” button to make it easier for customers to share images from your site onto their own Pinterest boards. It’s an easy tactic that’ll help spread your content.

Not Posting Testimonials

Testimonials give your business and products more credibility. By pinning positive feedback you’ve received from past clients, you’re informing potential customers that you, your service, and your products are legitimate.

Not Socializing

Like every other social media platform, Pinterest is all about socializing. You need to get your brand out more. Do this by re-pinning or liking a local or relevant product from other companies. Chances are, that brand will give back with a re-pin or like for your account.

Besides being one of the most popular social media sites, it’s been proven that Pinterest and brands go together, so get to work and start making the most out of your online marketing strategies.