Purchasing Land for Your Custom Home: A Simple Guide for Buyers

When you buy land in places like Melbourne and other highly liveable cities to build your custom home, there are certain things you need to follow to come up with a good investment decision. When buying a land package, knowledge of building locations is highly essential, so working with an experienced and qualified land broker can truly help.

house landModena discusses the other factors involved in the land buying process below:


This is one aspect of land acquisition you should not overlook. Do a detailed study of the land location and its proximity to shopping areas, medical facilities, schools and transport terminals. Also, check with the local police to find out more about crime prevention measures the place implements. Visit selected lots to get the real feel of the area.

Community Facilities

Consider facilities like water and sewer systems. In case the land does not have access to public systems, you have to work out the cost of connecting with them and the feasibility of constructing a septic system or well. Consult a septic systems expert if you need more information.

Home Design

Choose a lot that suits the type and size of the house you intend to build. Following the design guidelines of the community or the appearance of the houses in the area can help you come up with a good and flexible home design.

Dealing with Real Estate Agents

Consult a real estate person or agent who works locally and can offer you a variety of options to make the right selection. He will even advise you on how to negotiate on prices.

Local agents provide you with the right market data to help you make the correct strategic decision on what and where to build from the investor’spoint of view. Rely on experts to make sure you make the right investment choices.