Residential Plumbing Skills for Your Convenience

Leaky pipes, clogged sinks, and faulty toilets are problems all homeowners encounter. Sometimes, your schedules may get ruined at the most unexpected time because of these. That’s why plumbing contractors in San Diego recommend developing residential plumbing skills for quick fixes you may have to do yourself. Consider these tips so you can be prepared with a few tricks up your sleeve:

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Locating the Main Water Shut-off Valve

It’s essential for all homeowners to know where this important control is positioned. The main shut-off is often situated at the curb, where an access point is commonly provided at the sidewalk. When there is a plumbing crisis, switch this main source off to prevent unwanted water from entering your home.

Slow-Draining Sinks

Your pipes may need clearing from sludge build-up if your sink takes time to drain. Pipes on older homes may not respond to various chemicals and plunging, so you might need to snake them. Snaking is one way of cleaning the pipes from the roof through the duct pipes. To do this, you’ll have to rent a snake unit from a local equipment rental company. This process would require some muscle to push down the snake into the vents. You can always hire a licensed plumbing contractor in San Diego if you are not up to this challenge.

Never Flush Anything into Your Toilet

Remind every member of your household to avoid flushing sanitary napkins, paper towels, and other types of paper denser than toilet paper. These can block the sewer pipe that may cause toilet malfunction.

Low Volume of Water from Sink Faucets and Shower Heads

Accumulation of calcium, otherwise known as lime-scale, can cause this. To address this problem, detach and clean the faucet with vinegar to dissolve the lime-scale. Keep in mind how you disassemble it so you can put it together again as it was before. You may need to do this every three to four months.

Residential plumbing can make living in your home comfortable. Bring water where it is needed, and fix glitches when necessary.