Sick During Overseas Holidays? Here’s What You Can Do

Documents required for travelAustralians love to travel. Recent data on tourist movement from the Australian Bureau of Statistics show that about 18.7 million departed the country in 2016. Of that figure, only 448,000 were either long-term or permanent departures. In fact, short-term departures (people leaving the country for less than a year) exceeded arrivals, which has been the trend since 2008.

With the growing passion and desire to travel also comes danger. At least nine Australians get injured or die overseas. It then begs the question: what will you do if you find yourself in such a tough situation?

Inform the consular office

If you find yourself in trouble in a foreign land, one of the very first steps is to inform the consular office, which can advise you and your family the legal and administrative steps in the country. But the facility normally cannot provide a translation service for you as well as handle your repatriation to Australia. They can recommend providers instead.

Get transport services

You may want to seek professional help like private patient transport services. Depending on the condition of the patient, location, and budget, patients can be extracted quickly and conveniently, so they can receive the treatment they deserve in Australia.

Travel insurance policies

Many travellers also rely on their travel insurance policies to cover the costs of healthcare overseas. But a recent survey conducted by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and Insurance Council of Australia revealed 27 per cent with insurance did not have any medical coverage.

At least half of insured Australians engaged in risky activities during their last holiday outside the country. It is a huge problem since most types of coverage exclude any injury or illness linked to alcohol and drug consumption.

To meet an accident or experience an illness while you are in another country is never easy. It always leaves a large room for uncertainty. But while you cannot control what is going to happen during your holiday, you can do something to manage injuries.