Simple Yet Fun Dog Tricks

Training your dogs is essential to keep their minds stimulated and prevent any problematic behavior. You can teach your dog simple thinking games for more interaction. While typical walks and obedience practices are fine, you can maximize your bonding time by adding more activities that are enjoyable. Here are some ideas to help you train your dogs the simple way:

dog training

  • Teach your pet to “sit” and “wait” while you go hide a small item, like a small ball or a toy bone. Come back and release your dog with a “Go!” signal, followed by “Go Find the ball!” Hide the item nearby. Stay within the room and help with the search.
  • You can also do the same trick with a person. Tell your dog to “sit” and “wait” while a family member hides, and release with an “OK!”
  • Teach “Touch!” with your dog’s nose: “Touch” the tip of a short stick, your palm, or other dog toys. This is the beginning of “target training.”
  • Let your dog walk between your legs while you’re taking a stroll together. Let your pet weave in and out as a form of exercise. This is just one of the many freestyle moves you can practice with your dog.
  • Activities like catching a Frisbee, jumping through a hula-hoop, and picking up small items for storage are other fun tricks you can try.

These are just simple tricks to keep your dog mentally and physically healthy. For other dog training programs such as service dog training and therapy training, research online for more information.