Softening Water: Kits and Devices

Soft water refers to water treated with sodium ions. Using soft water has many benefits: it does not clog your water pipes, and also makes cleaning much easier. Clothes washed using soft water feel softer, and do not gray as fast either. Water appliances that use soft water work better for longer periods. Using soft water in your home can reduce utility costs in the long run, too.

Many people now opt to buy soft water filters for their homes because of these advantages. Kinetico Utah has a few things to say if you want to buy a soft water system:water flowing from faucet

Know Your Options

Do your research to identify which kind of water softening system is ideal for your needs. Ion-exchange units are the most popular water softening system used currently, but there are newer options that you could choose from, like dual tank water softeners.


You need to make sure that the unit you choose is big enough to handle treating enough water required in your home. Do not buy the biggest water softening unit you can find, though; make sure you can fit it comfortably in the smallest space possible.

Filtering Ability

An important consideration when buying water softeners is if it can remove the minerals from the water that makes it hard. Some water softeners do not have such a feature and thus you may need another unit for water filtration.

Recharge Times

Consider how often you need to recharge or regenerate the water softening system. Good units require recharging once in a period of every three days. Having to regenerate the system more often could end up being a lot of work for you.

Advanced Features

Check for advanced features. More recent water softening systems have advanced options that make the units easy to use and offer additional capabilities. Features include timer controls, and demand initiated regeneration (DIR) controls.

Water softening is a process where you treat water so you could safely consume it. Read online manuals and other information pertaining to the process and see if this works for you, or you would rather source your water somewhere else.