Steel Fabrication Mistakes to Check with Your Fabricator

a worker fabricating a stainless steel structureSteel fabrication is one intricate process that even a single misstep could render the entire production line unusable. Here, issues with the preciseness of the individual calibrations at every stage become very critical in determining the quality of the products that you will get.

It is, therefore, imperative that as you seek stainless steel fabrication services in Edmonton, you look out to ensure your fabricator adheres to lean manufacturing processes to avoid the following mistakes, says Advantage Manufacturing Ltd.

Improper cleaning

Surface contamination is one of the most common issues you probably address over and again when using steel products. Your fabricator has a role to play here, too. Confirm that they use stainless steel brushes that they have not used on other surfaces. Your fabricator can use flapper wheels and abrasive disks to remove minor surface imperfections, such as heat tint. Passivation with a dilute nitric acid paste or solution is also an option you can consider.


Confirm from your fabricator’s past clients that their work is free of scratches. These scratches create crevices on the surface of the steel product that you will be using, which exposes it to corrosion. Mechanical cleaning and proper finishing are crucial to ensure you have steel products that do not have scratches.


Stainless steel has a relatively higher coefficient of thermal expansion, and lower thermal conductivity than carbon steel. That makes it a little challenging to weld without distorting its shape and size. You will want to confirm that your fabricator uses controlled track welding to prevent these chances of distortion.

Most of the profits that you have been enjoying depend on the quality of steel products that you use in your business. All that rolls down to how well your manufacturer of stainless steel products has focused on having quality processes to avoid these mistakes in the fabrication process.