Things First-Timers Should Know in Adjusting to Trucking Life

a truck driver

This year, there is a huge demand for truck drivers. From being a low paying job in the traditional sense, the offers recently for this job have already gone as high as $80,000. That tilts the average earnings from this industry significantly. But not everyone is cut out for this kind of life. There is a huge challenge involved.

The life of a trucker is quite colorful and unpredictable at times. One minute you may be checking out the mood of the terrain from weather reports and news on the radio. The next, you might need Washington trucking lawyers at your side to help you with a snag on the road.

How do you handle this when it’s your first time?

Here is the lowdown on trucking life in the US that can help manage expectations if you are a first-time truck driver.

Extensive License and Training Requirements

You will at least need a commercial driving license and hours of training at truck driving school. Some of these training can cost as high as $3,000. Truck driving school can be pricier given the insane demand. Aside from this, drug tests, alcohol tests and physical tests are additional requirements that need to be met regularly. The full list is summarized here.

Medium-Term Prospects are Good

Save for the usual vigilance for your rights as a worker; the prospects are quite good at trucking. It will allow you to adjust to a diverse group of people. You will encounter different types of motorists on the roads. The demand is higher, and prices are more expensive in goods these days because of the driver shortage.

The Road is Not Always Chocolates and Roses

Jobs are hard, but trucking life is both physically and mentally challenging. You will need the alertness on the road to convey goods in mint condition and keep yourself safe. You also need to be physically strong enough to maneuver the life behind the wheel. Having said that, you still need to take time to smell the roses for your sanity and overall satisfaction.

Work-Life Balance can be Tricky

Some deliveries and tasks will require long drives, and while you try to excel in your new job, you might miss out on some family activities or milestones. Depending on the nature of your truck driving work, you will find that regular jobs that allow you to come home can be easy to find. But the ones that require longer hours pay better.

Go Large in your First Foray as Truck Driver

a truck on the road

It might be tempting to tough it out, get a truck and then roll with it or wing it. But the adjustment may be much tamer if you go for a large company or a stable startup trucking company that can take care of the basics for you. Larger trucker companies will help you get a good gauge of the industry as a whole. It will allow you to see trucking life in the context of a known and reliable trucking service provider as opposed to learning everything the hard way.

Explore your career today as a truck driver and arm yourself with more information as you go through the vicissitudes of transport life. And like many other careers, if you put your heart and your best energies in it with passion, the job will most likely love you back.