Tips for First-Time Snowboarding: A Beginner’s Guide

Family having snowboardingSnowboarding for the first time can be quite a daunting experience for many people. Mountains are cold and very steep; add on fast moving gadgets to that, and it gets even scarier for most people. But, snowboarding is a fun winter sport, and if it is your first time do not worry; you can always learn.

Here are some tips you will find helpful as a first-timer in a snowboarding resort near Chicago:

Proper Dressing

Now that you will be spending some time in the mountains, you are likely going to grab your heaviest and warmest attire. But, you forgot that you are not going to the mountains to rest but to engage in rigorous activity. So, you will get sweaty in a short while. Get a non-cotton and waterproof jacket. You can have a hoody in your backpack should the temperatures drop further.

Rent Snowboarding Equipment

After getting the right attire, the next thing should be getting a snowboard. It is not advisable to buy a snowboard when going out snowboarding for the first time. The reason is that you may not like the sport that much or you will not likely go snowboarding often. Consider checking around for shops that rent their snowboard equipment.

Regular or Goofy

When you go to rent your snowboard kit, the attendant will offer to set it for you, and will ask whether you are a regular or goofy footer? That is snowboarding slang that means you are either a left or right foot rider. The left foot rider is regular while the right rider is goofy.

Snowboarding is a fun sport to engage in during the cold season, and, like any other sport, practice makes perfect. Go out and try out snowboarding at a resort near Chicago. Well, you will, probably, fall a few times before you master the art, but every effort will be worth it, in the long run.