Treadmills: When Running Indoors is a Better Option

Running on the treadmill actually offer the same benefits after simple adjustments. Using treadmills from companies like Pro-Form or following exercise routines from will give you the specific workout your body needs.


Harsh weather environments

Some runners may have difficulties running when it’s hot, while others prefer such weather conditions for better calorie-burning. Know which type of runner you are, and use the treadmill on the days you need to. Instead of suffering through a bad run and risk getting injured, you can have a good workout by staying indoors with your treadmill.

Racecourses simulation

More advanced treadmills allow users to create a unique course profile that they can recreate indoors. All you need to do is to program the machine to simulate the exact course you’re training for. If your treadmill doesn’t have that option, simply adjust the incline levels manually according to the course map.

Fluid and carbohydrate intake

Learning how to eat and drink without stopping is important. Practice taking fluids and carbohydrates during your runs. You can do this on the treadmill without having to slow down. While it won’t make the actual act of eating or drinking easier, using the treadmill can make it possible logistically.

A treadmill is a great training tool especially for those who live in places with bad weather conditions. Remember to use it in moderation. Running outside on occasion will give a good balance to your routine.