Types of Pressure-sensitive Product Labels

Wines with no labelsLabelling your products is the final and most crucial step in your manufacturing process. There are many things that you should consider when getting labels for your products. Among them is the label’s adhesion.

For manufacturers looking for packaging tags with easy application, superior protection, and dazzling designs, pressure-sensitive labels are a perfect choice. The labels are directly applied to your products and require no water, heat or solvent to activate their adhesion. Here are the categories of pressure-sensitive labels.

Secondary and Prime Labels

Prime labels feature graphics and texts that convey your products and its manufacturer on the front-side part. These are attention-seeking labels. Secondary labels are used to support prime ones. They provide additional information on your products, including health warning, nutritional facts, ingredients and assembly instructions.

Specialty Labels

These have specific dimensions and materials to fit specific products rather than cookie-cutter product label designs. Specialty labels also come with specific protective coatings for different products, including those exposed to extreme outdoor weather elements and chemicals. These labels will tackle any shortcoming and have superior flexibility on how they can be used.

Digital Labels

These are ideal for manufacturers who want attention-grabbing labels but in small amounts. Digital labels are efficient and work well for those who manufacture products in small batches because of regulation and ingredient changes. They are a cost-efficient way of labelling your packages.

There are coating technologies that your label manufacturer will offer to enhance the durability of the label on your packages. Solvent, rubber-based and emulsion technologies are used to boost your label’s longevity. Hence, the given pressure-sensitive labels will offer you superior performance, resilience and exceptional clarity.