Understanding the Costs of an Enclosed Patio

Enclosed patio with poolA nice patio design can significantly improve the value of your property. But, this home addition project comes with additional costs as well. How much do you need to spend for an extra shed outside of your home? Is it worth the expenses?

Understanding patio enclosure prices is the first step towards making this valuable investment count. You have to learn what the actual costs meant and how it will translate to your advantage to decide if it is really worth the money.

Patio Enclosure Costs

With various design options, the costs for enclosing a patio vary widely. It depends on the design you choose, the material to use, and of course, the design that you want and need.

For starters, there are two ways to enclose a patio. One is to use retractable enclosures or such design that you can remove to make the most of the outdoor space. Another is to make the enclosure permanent, turning your patio space into a sunroom, which will keep it safe against the elements all the time.

Advantages and Drawbacks

Enclosed patio with fireplaceBoth designs have their set of advantages and drawbacks and it would all depend on what use you intend for the patio to decide which is best for you. Since permanent enclosures need to be durable and heavy duty, this option proves to impose a more expensive fee. It also requires professional skills to install permanent awnings or enclosures because it is too much for an amateur or DIY-er to handle. Then again, fixed enclosures are simply attractive as they make the amount of protection against the weather full circle. And that’s without depriving you of the amount of outdoor ambience to enjoy. But, since you can always have retractable screens on windows to let natural light and air in on pleasant days, it is good enough of an option.


Choosing the material to use for the enclosure is also a factor that defines how much is needed for the project. There are various styles and designs for porch enclosures and each comes with a different price tag. Choosing the best material depends on your project, where you are located, and what kind of weather system prevails in your area. Remember, to make the most of this home addition, you need to ensure it will stand the constant weather changes and the elements that may wear its beauty and functionality at the same time.

But, of course, the cost you must spend does not end on patio enclosure prices. There are also fees for maintaining the enclosed patio and keeping it looking and functioning the same way when it was first installed.

Overall, it is not as cheap to enclose a patio or to develop an outdoor living space altogether. There is so much money required to shell out in order to keep the space livable all throughout the year. But why splurge on it? Well, because in the end, it is well worth it. You can use an enclosed patio for various uses and it can certainly help increase the value of your property.