Understanding the Different Types of Specialised Safety Glasses

a man holding two eye glassesTo some, safety glasses are the eyewear that you put on when going biking. The truth is that safety glasses are more than that cool extra feature; they serve as protective eyewear when carrying out different tasks.

And, they are part of the recommended PPE clothing to use in most industrial applications. It is, however, important you understand which specific safety glasses you should be ordering next. Below are four of the most well-known types of specialised safety glasses:

Medical Glasses

Professional medical personnel working in examination rooms and laboratories are at risk with the exposure to harmful light and rays that could damage their eyesight. Medical glasses have extra features such as a powerful lens, glare reduction, and a sturdy frame.

Warden Glasses

These glasses feature a large lens and are bigger than the usual glasses, and they attract various applications — in lawn maintenance, construction and tree pruning, for example. Despite the large size, these glasses are lightweight and comfortable to wear for long hours.

Photochromic Glasses

When wearing regular glasses, you might have to switch your lenses when the lighting conditions around you vary. You can, however, avoid this inconvenience altogether when you have photochromic glasses.

These glasses have lenses that change according to differences in the light conditions. These glasses are also ideal for blocking harmful UV rays.

Forensic Glasses

Any individual handling forensic work needs to have these glasses for a better view of the fluorescence traces after illumination with a UV lamp.

There are, however, multiple types of forensic glasses, and the appropriate one to use depends on the material under inspection, material substance and the surface of the material.

Now that you know the various types of specialised safety glasses and their applications, always ensure you have the right pair as your protective eyewear gear when carrying out your activities. Sourcing your glasses from a trusted PPE dealer assures you of quality eyewear and proper guidance.