Upgrade and Spice Up Your Windows: Three Clever Makeovers You Must Try

windows in PerthThe window is one part of the house that is often neglected when the topic is home makeover or remodelling. Not many homeowners know that changing the look of their windows can drastically improve the exterior and interior design of their house. In the same manner, increasing the functionality of windows can provide practical benefits.

Here are a few makeover projects that will boost your windows’ charm and functionality.

Extend your windows vertically

High windows will surely make a great difference in your home – both from the outside and inside. Extending your windows up a little is a good way to let natural light enter your home. It can also be a smart way to improve ventilation in rooms.

From the outside, it will also make an illusion of added height to your property. The best thing is you get all these without compromising privacy.

Install roller shutters

Years ago, people don’t see window shutters as excellent design solutions. That is not the case anymore today. Shutters come in a wide variety of colours and designs that can match the existing home architecture.

HalfPriceShuttersWA.com.au says many modern roller shutters on Perth homes, for example, provide not only additional charm, but also a number of practical benefits. Shutters help you control natural light, heat transfer, and privacy, as well as add protection to your furnishings from harsh outdoor conditions.

Make window walls

If privacy is not an issue as in properties like in the case of those with wide, fully fenced yards or gardens, you might want to turn an entire wall of a room into a huge windows. Window walls are a perfect idea if you want to enjoy the outdoor views of your property or you simply want to cut lighting costs during daytime.

Big windows also make rooms airier and give the charm and appeal of a sunroom. Controlling natural light is as easy as installing blinds or curtains.

These are just a few ideas you can do to maximise the use and appeal of your home’s windows. Look for other window design and treatment solutions to find the best one for your needs and taste.