Useful Tips For Your New Home’s Plumbing

woman shaking hands with plumberA new home means a great opportunity for you to build it to your liking. There are various components to a good house, and one of these is having dependable plumbing. This ensures that water is delivered to all parts of your home and also gets rid of your sewage correctly. However, if it fails, you’ll be in big trouble as you’ll have leaks and water damage all over the place. To ensure you don’t make a mistake in this essential part of the house-building process, here are a few tips to help you out.

Get a Professional’s Help

When setting up the plumbing in your new home, you need to consult with a professional plumber. Actually, in some regions, building a new home requires professional plumbers to do the plumbing installation. This ensures a construction project meets the local building codes.

Professional help also ensures that when making decisions, you have an experienced perspective. For example, a professional plumber would be able to recommend whether to use a poly pressure pipe or a steel pipe. These may seem similar but each has different strengths, and there are circumstances when a plastic pipe may not be as effective as using a steel one.

Put Your Water Heater and Furnace in the Basement

When you’re building a home, you will want to have a way to heat your water. This is where a water heater and furnace comes into play. These are two rather big pieces of your plumbing system. This is why you will need to place them in a part of your home where they won’t be in the way – the basement. If you don’t plan on having a basement, you will need to place them on the main floor, usually in a utility closet.

Why put these two in the basement? For one, these are real pieces of equipment. Placing them at the lowest part of your house means they won’t leak downwards or fall if they can’t be supported. Additionally, if you centralize your plumbing, the basement is also the most likely location for it.

Check if You Need a Water Softener

Residential water filtrationThere are regions where there is a higher level of mineral content in the water. The result is hard water. These can be very damaging to your pipes, whether they are plastic or steel. Mineral build-up is inevitable, and the pipes can become clogged. Additionally, such water can harm your hair and skin, making them dry and unattractive.

Have a Central Water Main

When you’re building your home’s plumbing, it would be best if you have a central location through which you can control all the water coming in. This is a central water main and can be helpful when you need to turn off all the water in your house. This can be necessary if you have a pipe burst and you need to stop the water from flowing. Make it accessible, so you don’t need to crawl or have a hard time shutting off the water.

Ready to Move In

Your home needs a ready supply of water if you want it to be an appropriate living place. This is why the tips above are so important. If you follow them, you can ensure that your house’s plumbing will meet your needs and won’t fail you in the future.