Ways to Take Care of Your Oral Health

a woman with a healthy teethA person’s dental health is a manifestation of their overall health condition. Dentists emphasize the importance of getting regular dental checkups. However, only a few people are willing to visit a dentist, not unless they are experiencing unbearable pain. Therefore, in the case of a dental infection, a person is likely to ignore it until significant damage has been caused. Keep in mind that what happens to your teeth will have a negative impact on your overall health and quality of life.


This oral health issue is characterized by the presence of pus in the affected tooth. Treatment includes drainage of the abscess followed by a root canal procedure. Scott W. Grant, DMD, a trusted provider of dental care in Meridian, suggests going to the dentist right away when you notice pus as this is a dental emergency.

Missing Teeth

Teeth fall off as a result of trauma, weak gums, or persistent tooth decay. A missing tooth is a source of discomfort to a person. Missing some teeth, such as the molars and premolars may make chewing difficult hence affecting your eating patterns. Additionally, the absence of incisors may affect a person’s confidence. There exist several procedures such as prosthetic teeth and dental implants that may be used to fill any open gaps left after the loss of teeth.

Discolored Teeth

It may result from extrinsic or intrinsic reasons. Extrinsic sources of tooth discoloration include excessive consumption of coffee and wine or excessive smoking. Intrinsic discoloration results from a change in the material that constitutes the teeth. The change may be triggered by exposure to fluoride over extensive periods. Teeth discoloration may also result from old age. The solution to the problem is teeth whitening. Bleaching agents may be used to remove the discolored coating resulting in whiter teeth. Untreated dental infections deteriorate with time. Experiencing even mild pains should be an indicator that you should visit your dentist. Also, go for regular checkups as your dentist is able to identify developing infections hence treating them in their early stages.