What makes a dental emergency?

Kid that lost a teethStruggling with tooth pain is not an uncommon phenomenon and can happen to anyone, when they least expect it. Either the result of an underlying tooth problem, or an accident involving the dislocation of a healthy tooth, tooth pain that does not go away requires the intervention of an emergency dentist.

Visits to the emergency dentist in Walkerston, such as Walkerston Dental, are on the rise in recent years and this is because people are given the chance to see a dentist that can deal with their specific problem without waiting to be treated by a regular dentist. In most dental emergency cases, timing is everything since timely interventions can mean the difference between saving and losing a tooth.

What is a dental emergency?

Some dental problems can wait to be treated, while others required the assistance of an emergency dentist. Patients with the following symptoms are strongly advised to contact an emergency dentist in Walkerston:

  • Pain and bleeding after dental treatment
  • Wounds in the mouth
  • Accidents that result in missing teeth or severe tooth pain
  • Tooth chips and fractures
  • Missing crowns
  • Loose and unstable teeth.

Sport accidents, car accidents and falls are common offenders behind tooth loss and various tooth problems. A toothache can also be a dental emergency, especially if it does not go away. A toothache can be related to many dental problems including tooth decay, abscesses and root canals and for this reason it should not go ignored. An emergency dentist in Walkerston can get to the root of the problem quickly.

Helpful actions following a dental emergency

While waiting to be seen by an emergency dentist, patients can prevent complications and reduce pain by following a few simple steps. Knocked out teeth can stay inside the mouth either in the socket or in the cheek. If this isn’t possible, they can be placed into a container of milk and should never be touched by the root or kept in tap water. Loose teeth can be repositioned with light pressure and a toothache can be addressed with common painkillers. All these steps will provide some extra comfort while waiting to be admitted by an emergency dentist in Walkerston.