Why it’s Good for Children to Write

children writing

Children love to read books, especially those with fictional characters like dragons, elves, fairies, and princesses living in faraway lands. As your children read them more, their mind becomes filled with images of all sorts of characters. Before you know it, they’re already creating their own characters and are writing their own make-believe stories. Well, there’s nothing bad about that. In fact, you should encourage them more to help boost their imagination.

How Enriching the Imagination Helps Children

Enriching your child’s imagination has many benefits. First of all, it makes them happy. And since they’re happy, they can entertain themselves even if there are no other children around to play with. That means you don’t need to worry about your child feeling lonely.

Another benefit is your child becomes good at pretending, meaning putting themselves in other people’s shoes. This allows them to understand how the minds of other children work, which helps increase their ability to make friends.

Having a rich imagination enables your child to provide creative solutions to problems they might encounter in life. At the same time, your child is able to express what they feel and think about the things they see.

How Writing Helps Enrich the Imagination

child imagination

One of the most effective ways to help enrich your child’s imagination is to find an activity that they enjoy. A book in a box project, for instance, can be a good start. Writing stories enables children to develop their creativity in different areas of life. It also allows them to come up with creative solutions to complex situations that they might later encounter in life.

When you encourage your child to write their own stories, you help them become self-disciplined. They learn how to choose the right words and control the flow of the story they write. As your child create their own story, they come up with new ideas that might have not been told or written anywhere.

Aside from developing the imagination, writing stories allow your child to think critically. That is, your child becomes selective in the characters and events presented in their story. More importantly, it helps expand their vocabulary so they can express themselves in a more effective manner.

Different Ways of Developing a Child’s Writing Skills

There are many ways to develop your child’s writing skills. One of them is through reading. By reading to children (or letting them read by themselves), you provide them with ideas that they could use when they start writing their stories. Aside from reading, playing games helps children come up with ideas they would find useful when writing stories.

To help children get into the action, you can provide them with activity sheets that allow them to put their writing skills to work. Eventually, you will find them writing longer stories other than just filling in the missing words in a story. This is why a book project helps a lot.

As parents, you should take an active role in nurturing your children’s ability to write stories. Who knows? You might have a future J.K. Rowling in front of you.