Why We Dream

Woman sleepingScientists have investigated dreams and studied what causes us to dream. There are numerous hypotheses and propositions that try to explain dreams, but studies show that dreams are important to a person’s mental health.

Mattresses affect the quality and length of sleep, which makes them a significant factor in a person’s health. 2 Brothers Mattress explains that a good mattress in Salt Lake City, Utah can give you a better quality of sleep and the best kind of dreams.But even with the latest research, scientist have only scratched the surface of what is sleep and dreams.

Why Do People Dream?

There are many theories on why people dream, they include the following:

1. Dreaming is a way of memory processing. It helps in memory retention and learning.

2. Dreaming is the way the mind tries to solve difficult thoughts, emotions, and experiences.

3. Dreaming is the brain’s way of processing memories and experiences.

4. A dream is the way the brain responds to the biochemical processes it goes through every day.

There is no easy answer, but what many scientists agree on is that dreams are an essential part of a person’s mental health.

The Stages of Sleep

The first stage of sleep is non-REM sleep. This first phase of sleep lasts for 5 to10 minutes under normal circumstances. Dreams do not begin until the person reaches the deep sleep phase.

REM sleep takes place 90 minutes after the first phase. It also goes through stages and this is where most of the dreams begin.

The Meaning of Dreams

There is an ongoing debate if there are possible interpretations of dreams. But some people think that dreams have a significant meaning in their lives, which is why dream dictionaries are popular.