Workplace Appearance: How Businesses Make a Statement with Artworks

business presentationIt’s a bit of an open secret that appearance plays a role in how people interact and do business with each other. How you groom and style yourself says a lot about your personality, and the same is true for your work setup. How your workplace looks is a comment on your professionalism. The office ambience and atmosphere can make your practice appealing or off-putting.

Studies show that what the clients see in in an office truly makes an impression and influences how they think about the service, the people and ultimately, the company itself. There are many ways to dress up the office, starting with putting up artwork.

Managing Impressions with Artwork

Displaying artwork in the workplace not only inspires creativity, alleviates individual and collective wellbeing, and improves productivity, but also positively influences client perception.

A report conducted by the International Art Consultants (IAC) and the British Council for Offices shows that 86 percent of the 800 survey respondents think that art has grown in importance in the present day workplace environment. A good 93 percent of them agreed that having art in the workplace creates a more welcoming and enjoyable atmosphere not only for the staff, but also for the visitors.

Divert, Direct and Focus Where to Make Impressions

Opinions are formed within the first 30 seconds the client walks in the office. With perceptions so easily influenced, artworks can serve as the focus of attention.

The choice of artwork on your empty walls can a statement about your company. For offices, choose among limited edition prints in Australia featuring abstract, modern and contemporary art pieces.

The place where you install the artwork is also crucial in making a good impression. Use the artwork to divert attention from fading furniture or outdated walls. Make use of an abstract painting in your conversations and make them feel calmer.

Artworks evoke a spirit in the office that helps make clients feel better when they walk in. Choose your artwork wisely and take advantage of its aesthetic value to draw in more business.