Workplace Disruptions Cause Loss of Profit to Your Business

toilet roomsMost people asked about what they think causes low productivity levels in businesses are likely to have answers related emotional health, such as stress, low morale, coworker conflicts, and poor management.

While all these definitely leads to lack of productivity, there are many other types of workplace disruptions that cause poor productivity. Some of these are related to the structural integrity of the commercial building, such as problems with the plumbing system.

Salt Lake City-based lists common commercial drain cleaning service nightmares in this article.

Toilets in Commercial Properties: Prone to Back Up Problems

Toilet rooms in commercial buildings are used very frequently, not only by employees and staff, but also by visitors. While some of these people know their toilet etiquette, some simply disregard them and throw anything in the toilet. Their trash almost always end up clogging the plumbing system.

When this happens to your business, you would have to put an “Out of Order” sign outside the toilet door or cubicle. This can quickly worsen if several cubicles simultaneously end up being clogged and water starts to back up from them.

This means work for your maintenance personnel, longer queues for the toilets that work, and time being wasted just because your employees need to spend more time waiting for their turn than necessary.

Sinks in Commercial Establishments: Susceptible to Clogging

Malfunctioning sinks, particularly those that become clogged, are also common sources of workplace disruptions. Clogged sinks prohibit liquids to drain, leaving a mess behind. Users then have to clean  them up  before leaving, which means that they are spending precious minutes in dealing with these problematic sinks – time that should have been used for working.

The Bottom Line: Take Care of Plumbing System Issues Right Away

While a few minutes may not mean a great deal to you, combine all these seconds for each employee you have, and you will be surprised at just how much time has been wasted because of your problematic plumbing system.

So do not allow these disruption-causing issues to continue. Contact a commercial drain cleaner to take care of these problems right away.