You Don’t Have to Bite the Dust: Air Purification Methods to Keep Your Family Healthy

HVAC in Salt Lake CityNo matter what, keeping your family healthy is a priority. One way to do that is by purifying the air insides your home. By investing in house features that keep the air clean, for instance, you can reduce dirt build-up, mold or mildew growth, and bacteria reproduction that contaminate the air you breathe.

In fact, Whipple Service Champions says air contaminants trigger allergies, asthma, and colds. They cause recurring headaches and fatigue as well. If you’re looking out for the health of your family, it would be a good idea to explore your air cleaning and decontaminating options. There’s no need to literally bite the dust, after all.

Air Humidifiers

The first and most common way of dealing with air contaminants is through air humidifiers. They emit water vapor and add a proper amount of humidity in the air. As such, they keep colds, asthma, and allergies away. They even help soothe chapped lips and dry skin.

Be sure to clean them regularly, though. Otherwise, they’d be a hot spot mold and bacteria growth.

Indoor Plants

Indoor air is up to five times more polluted than outdoor air, so why not bring something from the outside in?

Take a look at your indoor plant choices and invest in those that help purify the air at home, such as the Mother-In-Law’s Tongue, Money Plant, Peace Lily, and Bamboo Plant. Apart from boosting health, they liven up your interior.

HVAC Maintenance

You cannot forget your HVAC systems on your mission to keep your air healthy. After all, it’s what you rely on to blast warm air on chilly winter days and cold air during a sweltering hot summer. Aside from making sure the system is operating at its peak, regular maintenance keeps the air your family breathes clean.

In addition to affecting your overall health, neglecting air purification reduces the airflow inside your home and reduces the efficiency of heating and cooling systems. Why wait until you have a worse problem on your plate before addressing your indoor air conditioning issue?